Would You Go Scuba Diving in Jacob’s Well?

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Jacob’s Well is a spring just northwest of Wimberley, Texas. Named after the Jacob’s Well in Israel, the mouth of the Texas spring is 12 feet in diameter, and it runs roughly 30 feet deep before narrowing off and breaking into a series of cavernous chambers, each one separated by a narrow passage. At its deepest, the cave is around 120 feet deep. It used to be that the water pressure rushing out of the spring was so great that a six foot fountain of water sprayed out of the cave’s mouth. As more and more water has been taken from the spring to service the needs of the growing local population, the water pressure has calmed, which has allowed individuals to attempt scuba diving in the cave. After eight scuba diving deaths over the last few decades, Jacob’s Well now has a national reputation as one of the most dangerous places to go scuba diving.

Jacob’s Well’s first chamber is the 30 foot descent from the mouth. The second chamber is angled, and at a depth of around 55 feet, it also has a false chimney that can trick a diver into thinking it’s a way out of the cave. At least one person has been killed by the second chamber’s false chimney when scuba diving. The third chamber is small and contains a floor of loose gravel that divers must be careful not to disturb, unless they want to get trapped. There is a very tight passage into the fourth chamber. In the early 2000s, a team of divers found the rusted scuba gear and skeletal remains of a diver who had passed into the fourth chamber and never returned. No one has gone past the fourth chamber.

This is a video of Jacob’s Well from the mouth of the spring down into the second chamber. It gives you a good idea of how quickly the sunlight disappears and how dangerous it could get down there. There’s also a certain mystique down in that hole that makes it easy to understand how it continues to be a scuba diving destination, even after it’s led to the demise of other divers. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.

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