Would You Drive a Willys Jeep with a Mounted Machine Gun?

by • December 3, 2013 • Cars & Rides, VideosComments (2)

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willys Jeep

Most people who would buy a vintage military vehicle such as this one would be thinking along the lines of a collector and would put the Jeep in a showroom somewhere, but based on this video, it appears that this gentleman, Darryl Casselman, uses this Jeep as a regular, get around automobile. It’s unclear whether he owns another vehicle, but he does mention that he uses this Jeep to go get bread, eggs and coffee, and it seems that he drives it quite a bit. On the surface, that would appear somewhat eccentric, given the vehicle’s specifications, but this Casselman fellow seems like a pretty normal, down-to-earth guy. The Jeep in question is a ’43 Willys MB. Casselman is a member of the Canadian armed forces and a big history enthusiast, and he figured that of all the old military vehicles, this Willys Jeep would be the most practical as an everyday vehicle. He’s probably right, and with a machine gun mounted in your jeep, you don’t have to worry about other drivers getting too aggressive with you in traffic, a major plus. Casselman really enjoys driving his Jeep with the windshield down and the top and doors off, just as it was intended to be driven.

Willys-Overland was one of the companies, along with American Bantam and Ford, that manufactured the Jeep during World War II. The Willys model was popular with troops, and when the War Department decided to standardize the vehicle, they went with the Willys model but incorporated design features from the Ford and American Bantam models. After the war, Willys was able to keep the Jeep trademark name and began marketing the Civilian Jeep (“CJ”). Through a series of acquisitions over the next couple of decades, Chrysler Corporation ended up owning the rights to the Jeep in 1987, and the Jeep is now owned by Chrysler Group LLC. Casselman’s ’43 Willys Jeep is a wonderful piece of history that appears to be in excellent condition. Check it out below. How would like to drive this thing as your everyday ride? Enjoy and ‘Share’.

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