World’s Most Evil Car Driver

by • January 25, 2014 • Cars & Rides, Humor, VideosComments (0)

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worlds most evil car driver

What happens when evil gets behind the wheel of a car? For one, cats are going to get scared away. People on scooters are going to get run off the road. And punks starting trouble in the middle of the road are going to get run over by a car. This video is essentially a compilation of drivers acting like jerks behind the wheel of a car. The funny part, and you have to have a dark sense of humor to enjoy this, is that the mean stuff the drivers are doing is set to a soundtrack of an evil villain laughing. The effect is great. Since these are all first-person videos, it’s impossible to see the drivers in the cars. You can truly imagine some sort of evil villain behind the wheel taking delight in all of the cruelty he’s creating.

Among the weirdest of these clips is the bull trying to mate with the cow. She’s trying to escape from him by crossing the road when she gets hit by a car. She gets up and limps off, and the bull goes chasing after her, ready to try his luck again, no doubt. What a Casanova! I’m sure he’s also the type to hold doors for the cows he takes out on dates. I found myself very invested in the clip at the end with the ducks trying to avoid speeding cars on the interstate. Don’t worry about the end of that one though, since the ending looks computer generated. I guess we can assume the ducks made it past all the cars in real life, much to the disappointment of the lunatic, evil driver. Check out the video below. If you’re sick enough to like it, be sure to ‘Share’ with friends.

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