What If Women Liked Football More Than Men Do?

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what if women liked football more than men do

You know those commercials that run during football games that always show a big group of friends hanging out around a living room eating tostitos and drinking Coors light or whatever. There’s usually about a dozen people, always an even split of men and women, presumably couples. Everyone’s wearing a football jersey or some other type of football team apparel, and everyone at the party is equally as involved in the football game, getting up and yelling and waving their beers and corn chips a the TV. Do people really do this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a party in my entire life. At the football parties I’ve been to, the women usually hang out in the kitchen chatting and making food. The men usually all sit quietly in front of the TV and watch the game. There’s not really any yelling, unless one of the couples gets in an argument unrelated to football. There’s certainly no jumping up from the couch after a big play. I’m willing to bet that my football party experiences are more typical than the representations displayed in the TV commercials.

This comedic short video from Yahoo! Screen takes the football party and turns it on its head. In this one, it’s the women who are big football fans and the men who are more concerned with recipes and socializing.Enjoy and ‘Share’.

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  • Kaksz

    To whom ever wrote this article. You obviously are not a GreenBay Packer fan and have never lived or been to a football party in Wisconsin. Becz we are exactly like those commercials… Men and Women alike !

    • http://www.guylyf.com Big Mike

      You got me on both counts there Kaksz

  • Jon

    You need to get some new friends! Although the last football party I was at did see most of the women congregating around the food/kitchen, most of my Redskins games throughout my twenties were a lot like ‘those’ commercials. Games are much more exciting when you and your friends are passionate about it. Time to find some new people to watch games with my friend, they are doing you a dis-service and clearly don’t care about the game or any teams. They’re not real men. Good Luck! HTTR

    • Eric

      “You need to get some new friends” I came to say the exact same thing.

      • http://guylyf.com/ GuyLyf

        Thanks for the comments. Could you tell us how you came upon this site? Was there a specific Facebook Page you found it on? Thanks for the feedback.

        • Dude


        • Jon

          A friend posted this article on Facebook.

  • Stephanie

    In my family women are just as avid a football fan as the men…and we certainly don’t stare quietly at the screen! In fact, before my husband and I got married, he didn’t even watch NFL…but he surely does now!

    • https://www.facebook.com/john.bergman.96 JohnnyB

      “In my family women are just as avid a football fan as the men” I call bullshit and would believe you if you weren’t bias. Just because YOU THINK you are an avid fan, doesn’t mean you are. I know MANY women who are “avid fans” but, know nothing of the game. Wearing a jersey and repeating what commentary says, doesn’t make you a fan.Hell, most male fans aren’t even real fans.

      • Melissa

        Who made you the judge…? This comment is utterly ridiculous.

        • https://www.facebook.com/john.bergman.96 JohnnyB

          Uh the ability to comment freely to comment made me the judge…Welcome to the free world! Oh, and the fact that I’m right. If you don’t like MY opinions/observations, then write a book about it. Maybe one day someone will care as much about your thoughts then you did with mine. You can also name the book, “Jaded: My life sucks and I hate when people it out”.

          • tearsofapathy

            Nah, you’re not right – you’re disillusioned and chauvinistic at best. I’m sorry to break this to you, but a second head without a brain doesn’t automatically make you a football OR woman genius. Why don’t you write a book about how men are the only ones who could possibly possess knowledge about or be interested in a sport, find some real evidence to back up your asinine claims, and THEN maybe your opinion would hold some weight :)

          • https://www.facebook.com/john.bergman.96 JohnnyB

            Prove me wrong then…

          • veronica

            Just because its your opinion doesn’t mean you’re right! You don’t know the situation. And what qualifies a person as a “real” fan anyway?

          • chuckt12345

            speaking in generalities hes correct,, i mean you may be a “football fan” and know the rules but i bet if someone asked you if your team was running a 4-3 or 3-4 you wouldnt have a clue.

          • minime13

            3-4, unfortunately.

          • https://www.facebook.com/john.bergman.96 JohnnyB

            LOL Exactly! Notice, it’s all women commenting back and yet none of them have said what makes them TRUE fans. All their comments are just more jaded reactions, I guess the truth really does hurt. Word to the wise, ladies. Next time you want to argue about how someone is “incorrect”, prove it.

        • http://guylyf.com/ GuyLyf

          Thanks for the comments. Could you tell us how you came upon this site? Was there a specific Facebook Page you found it on? Thanks for the feedback!

      • minime13

        Watch your step, boy. Most men don’t know anything about football either (kinda like you mentioned at the end) so it’s not necessary to specifically and strategically call out women on this.

        Most women grew up with football, and it’s not rocket science.

    • minime13

      My favorite thing is the advent of fantasy football, which suddenly makes everyone experts. No, douche, it makes you an asshat that uses arbitrary stats to base points off of, across the whole of the NFL. It takes away your team loyalty, and makes you have unrealistic expectations for your team in the off-season/draft.

      • chuckt12345

        thats what people say about fantasy that dont play it,, if you did and your a sports fan you would love it. you learn more about the league from fantasy then you will ever know by just watching your team. i always love the people that knock fantasy football because its usually people that never get asked to play it.

  • http://darcepedia.wordpress.com Darcey

    I think you’re at the wrong parties, buddy. Here in the South, girls are just as likely to watch football, and not just casually from a distance. They know players, rules, plays, etc and can speak intelligently to them as well. At my house, whether we have other people watching us or not, my husband and I are jumping around and celebrating and not just passively watching. I get VERY passionate about my team and regularly find myself yelling at the refs for bad calls or coaches for poor clock management.

    • Courtney

      I agree with Southern girls being real football fans. I made it to every game when I was in college, which says a lot since our best record in 5 seasons was 3-8. I now host every Saturday/Sunday to watch games. I am also in 3 fantasy football leagues and I have never once been on Pinterest!

      • jamesbaker103187@yahoo.com

        Please take this the right way but I think that women that like football and wear the jerseys and ball caps are just to hot for words and I welcome it with open arms!!

    • Matt Svoboda

      Oh please… I live in the South. It is still pretty rare for girls in the south to be very into football. With the exception of college girls that go to a SEC school.

      I used to live in Nebraska and ladies in Nebraska knew and paid a lot more attention to football than Southern girls.

    • Sleeping Realities

      “Speaking intelligently about football” is an oxymoron. ;)

  • Silhouette

    Anyone else notice how empty the fridge is at :40? No? Okay, just me then… lol

    • http://guylyf.com/ GuyLyf

      Thanks for the comments. Could you tell us how you came upon this site? Was there a specific Facebook Page you found it on? Thanks for the feedback.

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  • Courtney

    Clearly you are not in the SEC!! I don’t know a girl that doesn’t love football!

    • perpetuallylazy

      i don’t

  • Naoi Celeste

    I’m way more into football than any guy I know, and am also more knowledgeable on the subject. So, the above is my reality.

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  • perpetuallylazy

    First of all, this isn’t even a proper representation of “what if women liked football” this is more of, “What if we put attractive women in jerseys, give them male scripts, and have them act disrespectful towards their spouse, behave like slobs that eat food off the porch floor and sit like they dont know how to keep their legs closed, who also gamble ruthlessly and talk about nothing else besides sports and have no other interest outside of football.” The male representation of the females is even worse. Not all females are vegans who only drink wine, eat gluten free and ride the healthy trend wave. Furthermore, a girl who isn’t enthusiastic about sports wouldn’t even try to talk to you about sports, let alone want to be apart of your fantasy football team.

    I thought this was actually going to be entertaining and accurate. I was annoyed to see how they juiced every last drop from male and female stereotypes that they possibly could. Exploiting females, making them appear to all be common housewives who go out of their way to cater little football themed cupcakes for the guest, who are needy and always ask annoying questions. And for the males, making them all appear to be rude, single minded, slobby douche bags who can only feel happy when they are thinking of football games. Over all, the idea had potential but because the roles we’re so poorly represented and based the jokes off terrible one dimensional stereotypes, it was ultimately ruined. Perhaps the title for this should be “stereotypes exploited” or “yes, someone actually got paid to make something this bad.” I know this is long but i just cant get over how its 2013, almost 2014 and someone out there thought that this was a funny way to go about writing something like this. A good idea filmed well but executed terribly.

    • James

      Lighten up. Of course they’re over the top stereotypes. Have you ever seen standup before?

    • Your Daddy

      Exactly! It’s just a joke! All you are doing is fulfilling the stereotype of a woman who knows nothing. And in this case, nothing about comedy. And if you are a man, hence the idea “what if men switched roles with women”(I know this is not the title of this video, but it’s not the first video to express this idea). This video was hilarious! There are no limits to comedy anymore. Like you said, “It’s 2013, almost 2014″, so get over it. Stereotypes are hilarious! Especially racial stereotypes. Lighten up and watch a little stand up. If you thought this was offensive, then you are in for quite a shock when you see some of the skits stand up comedians are doing today. In my opinion, the whole idea is to let go of stereotypes, racism ,and being prejudice. Being able to joke about these things helps us understand that it was all a thing of the past. We gotta know where we came from to know where we’re going because otherwise, how will society improve itself? That’s the idea I get from most comedy these days anyways. However, many stereotypes ring true but if black people can sit there and listen to a comedian talk about how much they like chicken and laugh hysterically, then there is no reason for you or any of us to complain. It’s just comedy

  • wrath_of_the_perogi

    Since when is knowing about football the standard for “cool” or intelligent for that matter? Who cares!

  • Wack tattoos sahn

    I’m mostly concerned about that guy’s odd choice of tattoos. It’s like a 25¢ machine exploded all over his arms.

  • Amber

    You apparently do not go to the rght parties then. Last weekend my sister and I went crazy after every play durig the Miami game and jumped from the couch yelling AT LEAST 3 times. I won’t even mention what I am like during college football Miami games – especially the GT vs Miami gamers every year, since my bf is a GT fan. There is not one woman in my family who hasnt screamed at the TV at least once in their life during a football hame – and no, it wasn’t because her and her man got into an unrelated fight or because she mixed something up in the recipe.
    You need some new friends to watch football with!

  • Paul Haas

    This is great – but the person who wrote the article has obviously never watched a Packer’s game anywhere in the State of Wisconsin. We get so loud the Bears’ fans in Baja-Wisconsin can hear us.

  • Frank Rodriguez

    Would men like football as much if they realized their girlfriends and wives were sexually fantasizing about the football players? I met a guy in Covington, Kentucky who was a huge Cincinnati Bengals fan until he discovered that his girlfriend was banging one of the Bengals. I watch football once in a while. I’m glad my girlfriend has no interest in the game.

  • Shannon

    Well, this was offensive to both genders. Men aren’t (all) jackass slobs, and women are not (all) idiots, and vegan/health nuts. But the bike thing? Genius. I watch football, I enjoy it, I am also the first to admit that beyond the basic rules (downs, field goals, any kind of flag, that stuff) I don’t know a whole ton. However, my ignorance on the finer points is not due to my gender, but to my other interests and and things that take up my time. But I’m still a diehard Bears fan, and I still enjoy the game. But moreover, I “love” how this video implies that women who don’t watch football are stupid, frivolous, controlling girls while the men who do watch it are rude, irresponsible and gross guys. Whether or not someone likes football does not reflect upon their character. Unless they are a Packers fan. Then screw ‘em. :)

  • SuperScuba

    The video is funny, but all of the text preceding it should be deleted :)

  • Erika Fultz

    “Does your dad know how bad you throw? This is embarassing.” made me LOL!!!

  • Rednut86

    They obviously don’t know girls from Ohio. They all play fantasy football and definitely make plans around Buckeye, Bengals, and Browns games. This isn’t really a flip of football fans, it’s a weak attempt at switching gender roles.

  • Justanothermonkeyman

    This should be called “what if women were men” not, “what if women liked football more”. Just because woman like football does not mean they would like to drink Coors, grill, play corn-hole and totally act like dudes.

  • Andy

    What If Women Liked Football More Than Men Do … but Everyone Acted Like Total Douches?

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  • Paco Justin Nesbitt

    If this theory somehow became fact then the world would impload!! Cats and Dogs would get along, total chaos in the streets. Men would start doing household chores and being strictly either stay at home dads or trophies. In a weird way I contribute to this by not giving a damn about football and this comes from a guy who’s into sports and played and trained for most of his youth and young adult life and to top it off lived in ALABAMA MECCA OF FOOTBALL and yet it never quite got this guys attention. Maybe cuz I played the real original futball or soccer as the Americanians call it. Americans stole soccers original name and named theyre at the time new sport as Americans have always done with things they wanted…. they took… no please, no thank you for the awesome original name which soccer had been called for centuries upon well who knows! A long time. Soccer got no respect and on top of that they gave them this weqk replacement name “soccer.” Logic dictates that it should be named after something you wear while playing or a body part that is used who knows but the dumbasses first take the spelliong of fut and changed it not to sound different but look different by spelling it the way foot is correctly spelled in todays English language,,,, Amwericanese. OH! not only that to add insult to reason they this new game to where you hardly use your feet for anything exce[t for the required running and walking and standing but NO someone said lets make the name be sorta relevant and have just on guy on each team kick the ball you know so those damn European Sport name Nazis don’t get overly offended! well thats how WWI started but the history books say otherwise and why!? Cuz we won and the winners write history as they see fit. SO THERE!! FOOTBALLZ should remain a male dominated fanbase so i never have to go on a rant such as this one again!! SOCCER RULZ!!