Winter Off-Road Madness

by • January 12, 2014 • Cars & Rides, Mannish Stuff, VideosComments (1)

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winter off-road madness

You know that when you have an off-road video in which the sport bike’s tires have to be covered in spikes in order to get traction, you’re probably going to see some cool stuff, and this video doesn’t disappoint. It’s a little different from your usual muddy off-roading video, because these vehicles are tearing it up across a completely frozen landscape. We’ve got a sport bike with the aforementioned tire spikes, a BMW rally car, a dirt bike, and a snowmobile racing each other and doing stunts off-road over snow and ice. There’s also a tanker truck rumbling around out there somewhere. If you’ve ever wanted to watch a motorcycle do an off-road stoppie (front wheelie) across a sheet of ice, now’s your chance.

The off-road spiked tires on the sport bike in this video are pretty awesome. As you’ll see in the video, they chop and grind the ice and snow and throw it all over the place. It would be fun to get one of these bikes and take it out on a public road in the ice. You’d have cars sliding on the ice, and you could weave in and out of them and do donuts around them, throwing chopped up snow all over their windshields. It would be like an ice dancer doing pirouettes around sliding obstacles. Enjoy the icy off-road stunt video below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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