Wingsuit Flying or Fashion Modeling?

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wingsuit flying vs fashion modeling 3

Does this woman look better flying through the air or modeling on a runway? Her name is Roberta Mancino. She’s an Italian model and a candidate for Coolest Model Ever. These days, she’s modeling less, because she’s considered to be one of the best in the world at flying in a wingsuit. (Check this out for a little more on wingsuit flying). This video is a profile GrindTV did on Roberta, who prefers the action of flying to the motionlessness of modeling. She has a very cute Italian accent, and the video is full of adorable quotes. For instance, “I’m not very good on walking on high heels. I’m better on jump off a cliff with the high heels.” My kind of gal!

Roberta has 8,000 skydives under her belt, but she loves flying in her wingsuit, which she started using after she had around 6,000 skydives. Between traditional parachuting and wingsuit flying, she’s had six instances in which her primary parachute did not open. She remarks of these incidents, “…it’s not a big deal. It gives you a little bit of adrenalin when happen.” Uh, I’d say it would. This Roberta must be one cool customer. She looks so sweet, it’s hard to imagine that she has such a hunger and tolerance for adrenaline. Check her out in the video below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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