Wife vs. Fishing Lure

by • November 15, 2013 • Humor, Outdoors, VideosComments (4)

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wife vs fishing lure

I’m pretty sure I know where I stand on this question. When it comes down to paying attention to your fishing lures or watching an attractive woman try on revealing outfits, my opinion is that the fishing lures can wait. It isn’t that I don’t like my lures or fishing, but I mean, come on; this guy’s wife is amazing! What is he doing? I think he needs to get his testosterone levels checked. Like in those commercials that are running late at night these days. He’s got to have the Low T.

To continue to rip on this guy, he’s obsessed with his fishing lures, but he’s fishing with one of those push button fishing reels that little kids use. I kind of want to slap some sense into him. Dude, your wife needs to be, uh, taken care care of, you know what I mean. Also, get a man’s fishing rod and reel. Just get it together all around. Okay, you’re right, it’s just a commercial for a fishing web site. I’ll lighten up some. What do you think the chances are that these two are together in real life? Oh, not good? I don’t know, maybe he has a great personality. Watch this mismatched couple in the video below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

  • Kevin L Kramberg

    I like to fish but if I had a woman like that the tackle box would be closed and we couldn’t show what was happening on facebook lol

  • David Hendrickson

    I agree with you Kevin. I would be taking care of business at home.

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  • Charles Cullet On

    Does he need his head examined or is she that stupid .?