Where’s All My Fishing Tackle?

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Wheres my fishing tackle

Based on this video, if you start finding your fishing lures in your wife’s bathtub, it might be a good indication that everything is not all right at home. We’ve encountered this man before. He’s the one whose wife is begging for attention, but he’d rather play with his fishing gear. She has previously gone so far as to try to put on a little modeling show for him, even trying to incorporate his fishing toys into the show. This guy isn’t having any of it though. He’s into his fishing hobby through and through and will not be distracted.

Given that these are memorable commercials that seem to serve their purpose for a fishing web site, I shouldn’t take things too seriously and look too hard at this whole scenario, but the thing about this guy is that I never see him actually fishing. I only see him playing with his fishing tackle and fantasizing about fishing. And all of his fishing gear looks so new, it’s as if he’s never actually used it. The most water these fishing lures seem to have experienced is from the soapy rim of his wife’s bathtub. Between the wife’s antics and his mint condition fishing gear, I’m worried about this guy. I’m a little worried about the wife too. Not really sure what her deal is. Bathing with fishing lures? Be careful of those treble hooks when you sit down in that tub, dear. Watch this odd couple in the video below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

You can always take her fishing with you. Watch as a cute girl fights a big kingfish