What Women Really Think About During Yoga Class

by • November 1, 2013 • Girls, Humor, VideosComments (2)

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what women really thing about during yoga class

Do some women really have all of these random, distracting thoughts going on at once during yoga class? My phone, my breathing, my e-mails, my relaxing, my texting? It sounds like a tormented internal world. The funny thing about this video is that we all kind of wonder what other people are thinking, and most people would describe themselves as neurotic. It’s interesting to see that most other people have the same neurotic thoughts going on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even during yoga class. Maybe we should revisit the definition of neurotic.

Although the audio (thoughts) are rather neurotic, the movements (video) are rather hypnotizing. There’s something hypnotic about watching a finely-tuned body move gracefully, wouldn’t you agree? It’s actually quite impressive that a woman could be going through this onslaught of distraction inside her head and still get through her yoga class routine, pose-by-pose, without any major, embarrassing blunders. The truth is that sometimes you just have to go do it and hope for the best, even if you aren’t ideally prepared mentally. That can apply to all sorts of pursuits. Find out what this woman is really thinking during yoga class below. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.