Up Close: Sailfish Chasing Fishing Bait

by • January 4, 2014 • Outdoors, VideosComments (0)

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If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like underwater as a fast fish notices your fishing lure and begins the pursuit, here’s your chance to see it up close. In this video, we have a fishing boat trolling with several lines out in the ocean. There’s a camera in the water filming the lures. The lures are flapping along peacefully, and there doesn’t appear to be much ocean life in the area. Then all of a sudden, a small shadow appears in the camera’s view, so far out behind the fishing boat that you can’t tell what it is. As the seconds pass, the shadow grows larger, and a shape begins to form. As the shadow creature becomes clearer, you realize that it’s none other than a hungry sailfish, and it’s closing in on the lures fast!

Sailfish are known for their incredible speed and leaping abilities. Able to swim at over 60 miles per hour, they are one of the fastest fish in the ocean. Their speed and leaping talents make them a prized game fish. With its elongated bill, the sailfish is similar in appearance to the marlin, though smaller. (See a marlin force a fisherman to jump ship) The cool thing about this video is that you get an up close look at the sailfish in action via the fishing boat’s underwater camera. It provides a great perspective of just how fast these things can swim, chasing down a boat and then keeping up with it. I suspect that the lures being pulled behind the boat are teasers used to entice the game fish, and once the fish turns aggressive, a fishing lure with a big hook is sent out to hopefully capture the fish. Check out the video above. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.

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