Turning an Antique Car into a Wrecked Metals

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This video profiles the custom car work of Wrecked Metals, a hot rod and chopper shop in Boise, Idaho. The owner of Wrecked Metals is a man named Matt Whitlock. As you’ll see, Matt is very interested in the car as a whole. His philosophy is that you have to nail the overall look of the car rather than get caught up in the individual pieces. It’s a great philosophy, but it really takes some discipline to pull off. How many times have you seen a car with a piece or feature that may seem really cool by itself, but when integrated into the whole of the car, it just doesn’t look right? You have to have the discipline to know when to pass on an awesome part that’s just not a good fit. The look of the car is more than the sum of its parts. The parts have to complement each other well.

Wrecked Metals specializes in customizing antique cars. The look of their hot rods is kind of like an antique car on steroids. They look like the kinds of cars you would expect to find in a movie that keeps a black-and-white film aesthetic but takes place in the modern era. In a lot of ways, these cars are so much cooler than many of the present-day six-figure price tag super cars. This kind of car just has a certain attitude that says so much more than “Look at how much money I have.”

This video of the Wrecked Metals hot rod and chopper shop was filmed over two days on location in Boise. The shots of the custom cars cruising down the Idaho highways blend excellently with the surrounding farms. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.

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