Trying out the Lancer Evo

by • October 13, 2013 • Cars & Rides, Girls, VideosComments (6)

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EVO reactions

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a favorite in street racing circles, and the Lancer in this video, a 3Dx Evo, has been suped up to 900 horse power. The guys from 1320 Video take six people out for a test run to let them get a feel for the Evo’s acceleration. For whatever reason, the driver’s face has been blurred out, probably because they are doing these runs on public streets that have speed limits well below the 110 miles per hour they hit while taking Miss Thai for her drive.

Of the six test run subjects, the guys look like the sorts who may be interested in street racing a Lancer, and there are a few pretty girls thrown in as well. You can probably imagine their reactions already. But the interesting subject is the older woman who goes last. She’s gotta be several decades older than the other riders, and you really wouldn’t expect her to be taking part in this sort of behavior, riding in a car that’s traveling more than twice the speed limit, filming it and having her face caught on camera, and laughing and smiling about it the whole time. You can tell she has a wild side though because of her multiple ear piercings, giving us a little clue as to what may be brewing inside that head of hers. She proves it when she takes over the Lancer’s wheel herself, owning the road just like these young whippersnappers. Check it out below. If you like it, ‘share’ it.

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  • Leo Zarazowski Jr

    look at her boobs

  • Armando P. Diaz

    No sé de Lanse Evo pero la chica esta como para comerse a mordiditas!

  • Mike Collins

    Gforce Grandma!!

  • Danny B

    She’s hot!!! ( In the bikini.) What car, I didn’t see a car. Who made it?