Tough Times with Car Engines

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Tough Times with Car Engines

Why can’t these ladies get their car engines to start? Here’s a weird video for you. The fact that someone took the time to produce this car video is a little ridiculous, but oh well, we get to watch it for our amusement. There’s no real context to this video, which makes it all the more bizarre. The context seems to be simply that three ladies are unable to get their cars to start. Based on the first woman’s dress and the car she’s driving, you’d think this video was produced decades ago, but then you see that the next two women who are dressed more modernly, which suggests that the video isn’t quite as old as you’d suspect, despite the age of the cars being featured. I like the second girl, who stomps on her car’s gas pedal and whines in a little bratty voice and bites her lip and makes faces. She seems like she’d be a real piece of work.

There’s an interesting contrast in the video with the juxtaposition of the young women behind the wheels of old cars, even if the woman in the first car looks like she’s trying to impersonate Scarlett O’Hara. We’ve profiled some attractive women on GuyLyf in the past who were a little better with car engines. An example would be the woman who teaches us what to do if your car overheats. Still, we rarely come across car videos with the strange tone of this one. Watch it below. What do you make of this car video? If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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