Top 10 V8 Supercar Crashes

by • January 15, 2014 • Cars & Rides, VideosComments (1)

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top ten V8 supercar crashes

Few things mix the emotions of excitement and heartbreak quite like watching beautiful cars get destroyed. On one hand, it’s fun to watch insane car crashes and all the metal-twisting mayhem they cause (particularly when no one was hurt). But on the other hand, so many cars are works of art, worth as much money as some folks make over the course of decades. That expense factor is definitely the case for the race cars in this video. The video is a compilation of the top 10 crashes from V8 Supercars, which is an auto racing category based out of Australia. All cars in V8 Supercars use a 5.0 liter, naturally aspirated V8-engine. The cars currently cost just shy of half a million dollars to build, but V8 Supercars is trying to implement rules to lower the cost of building a new car. It’s crazy that just a tiny miscalculation on the driver’s part can cause a chain reaction that leads to the destruction of so much expensive property.

One of the V8 Supercars crashes that perplexes me the most is Number 8 in the video. A car is completely stopped in the track, and another driver comes barreling along at full speed and crashes right into the side of the stopped car. You’d think that there was plenty of time to avoid the crash. Do V8 Supercars drivers not have radios in their helmets so that they can be advised by their crew of upcoming obstacles? Another driver was able to avoid an accident here, so I wonder exactly what went wrong (other than the obvious, you know, a high speed t-bone). That crash was ugly! Some of the other V8 Supercars crashes involve car parts being flung all about and lots and lots of fire, which is always fun. Check them out below. Which V8 Supercars crash was your favorite? If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.

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