Top 10 Most Brutal Boxing Uppercuts

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Top Ten Most Brutal Boxing Uppercuts

How can someone even make it out of the boxing ring alive after taking one of these jaw-crushing uppercuts? Boxing is known as being a brutal sport, and the uppercut is perhaps the most brutal punch in boxing. A well-thrown uppercut to an opponent’s chin can end a boxing match instantly. Great uppercuts also tend to send the crowd into a frenzy. The video below is a countdown of ten of the most brutal uppercuts from the world of boxing. There are probably others that should be on the list, but this list is a pretty good collection. The list features uppercuts that floor the opponent immediately, as well as those that knock the opponent unconscious and send him teetering over slowly like a tree that has just been felled.

The clip from the Joe Frazier – George Foreman boxing match is a welcome blast from the past. Foreman is so well-known today for lending his name to the George Foreman Grill that it’s easy to forget what a great boxer he was. People remember him from the grill’s infomercials and may remember his boxing comeback in the early 1990s, but he was already in his mid-forties by then. Back in his boxing prime in the 1970s, Foreman was an absolute beast of a boxer. You’ll see in the video how powerful he was as he delivers a devastating uppercut to Joe Frazier. Foreman’s likeable personality in his infomercials can make you forget that you don’t want to be on the receiving end of one his punches. Checkout the uppercut collection in the video below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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