The Manliest Commercials

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The manliest commercials

These commercials will try to get you to bite by appealing to your sense of masculinity. Do you think it will work? I suppose commercials have always tried to make a masculine appeal in order to attract male customers, though the message seems to be a little different now. A lot of the commercials come across as if they believe their intended customer sees himself as a loser. Overweight, down on life, bossed around by his wife, and looking for any escape available out of this miserable existence. The products advertised in these commercials offer that escape, but the brand of masculinity they advertise seems more like hopelessness.

The video below is a collection of some of the strongest appeals to masculinity in commercials. Most are recent commercials, and of the recent ones, only the Brut commercial portrays a strong, traditionally masculine man. It’s the best commercial of the lot, in my opinion. Most of the men in the other commercials meet the modern overweight, overgrown juvenile stereotype. The Dr. Pepper 10 commercial with the outdoors man is an interesting case in which it is parodying the traditional masculine commercial. Contrast that commercial with the Wrangler commercial at the end of the video, which is apparently from 1983. They’re very similar commercials in terms of the activities depicted, but the Wrangler commercial is being completely serious, while the Dr. Pepper 10 is making fun of that kind of independent, take-care-of-it-yourself masculinity. Admittedly, the Wrangler commercial is corny and completely over the top, but have we reached the point as a society where that sort of unapologetic masculinity is laughable? Watch it below and let us know what you think. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.

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