Sylvester Stallone Punches TV Host

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Sylvester Stallone Punches a TV host

Would you believe Sylvester Stallone will turn 68 years old this year? He’s gotten a lot of flack over the last decade or so because he openly admits to using human growth hormone to help him stay in shape as he’s gotten older. In spite of the criticism, I’ve got to say that he looks really good for his age. He’s muscular, seems to have great balance and core strength. If anything, he should be held up as an example of the kind of conditioning that’s possible into one’s late 60s. Not to say that everyone should run out and use HGH, but it’s possible with the right lifestyle to achieve a level of fitness that most people would consider impossible past, say, a man’s late 40s. As another example, see this grandfather, who used bodyweight exercises to get incredibly fit in his late 50s. He’s now 64 and is in better physical condition than most men who are 30.

This is a video of Sylvester Stallone being interview on Graham Norton’s TV show. Norton is a TV host in the United Kingdom and is well-known for his TV show on BBC, The Graham Norton Show. In the video clip, Norton is interviewing Stallone, and he also has Robert DeNiro, Emma Stone, and Jonah Hill sitting in, presumably interviewed at other points during the TV show. Not a bad lineup at all for one episode. In response to one of Norton’s questions, Stallone explains how they create the face punching effects in movies. The first way, which is probably the easiest, is to simply get punched in the face. Undoubtedly this has happened, but we’ve all seen the Rocky movies on VHS and know full and well that Sly wasn’t taking all those punches. You can see daylight between Apollo Creed’s gloved fist and Stallone’s face in some of those boxing scenes. The other way is to put a little fake blood in your mouth and cough it out as the punching actor clips you with his fist. Watch Stallone demonstrate on Norton in the TV clip below. Enjoy and ‘Share’.

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