Stuff People Say on Fishing Trips

by • October 14, 2013 • Humor, Outdoors, VideosComments (0)

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stuff people say on fishing trips

Any action? Whatcha using? Any bites? What kinda weight you using? Couldn’t keep ‘em out of the boat yesterday – How many times have you heard someone say these sorts of things out on the water? Determined to bring a little humor to what is usually a boring instructional medium, the fishing video, YouTube’s Captain Quinn has set out to not only inform but to inspire and entertain. In this video, he compiles all of the stuff people say on fishing trips into one humorous segment for your enjoyment.

The one phrase that brings back the most fishing memories for me is “one more cast.” When I was a little kid with no attention span, I’d get bored quickly if we weren’t catching any fish, and I’d nag my dad to take me home. To appease me, he’d say “ok, ok, one more cast,” which always turned into another couple dozen. Now that he’s older, he gets tired more easily, and fortunately I have a little longer of an attention span (albeit maybe not by much). Now he’s the one who’s ready to cut our fishing trips early, and it’s me with the “one more cast” appeasements. It’s funny how it works out that way.

Check out the video below. Which phrase relates to you the most? If you like the video, ‘share it’.