Showing Up at a Bank Wearing a Ski Mask is a Bad Idea

by • January 20, 2014 • Humor, VideosComments (0)

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Wearing a ski mask into a bank is a bad idea

Why in the world did this guy attempt this bank ski mask prank? We enjoy good pranks just as much as everyone else, but this one right here crosses into crazy territory. The prankster in the video enters banks wearing all black and a black ski mask. He might as well just go out and commit suicide by cop. As you can imagine, the people working at the banks don’t like this one bit, even though he tries to reason with them and explain that he’s just trying to open an account. He gets the police called on him, many times.

If there’s anything we can learn from this video, it’s that people at banks aren’t playing around when it comes to security. They must have seen Heat and know what’s up when it comes to masks and banks. The prankster doofus in this video covered up his face but didn’t bother to worry about his fingertips. I don’t know if he has broken any laws here, but if the police wanted to arrest him, they could probably pick up a few prints on the bank doors and go find him. His prints would only be in the FBI’s database if he’s been arrested in the past, but let’s be real, with his cavalier attitude toward the possibility of being arrested, it’s very likely that he’s been arrested before. Some people will do just about anything to become an internet celebrity, no matter how far they have to push the envelope. The guy in this video fits that profile (so do these fail video idiots). He must have not gotten enough attention as a child. Watch him below. Enjoy and ‘Share’.

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