Scuba Diver Attacked by Grouper

by • October 13, 2013 • Outdoors, VideosComments (0)

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Grouper Attacks Diver

Remember the underwater battle scene at the end of the James Bond movie Thunderball, when Sean Connery fights off a bunch of spear gun-wielding henchmen? This video isn’t quite as dramatic, but we do get a real life underwater fight of sorts. A scuba diver goes to retrieve a fish he’s just taken down with a speargun, and then all of a sudden a goliath grouper comes in for attack, stealing the fish and almost swallowing the diver’s hand! Guess who wins this tug of war? A humongous fish that weighs several hundred pounds, or a human being who is completely out of his element? I think there was a moment for this diver in which he actually considered trying to save his fish from the grouper, but he quickly realizes that he doesn’t stand a chance, and his number one priority needs to be not losing his hand and forearm. I do wish, however, that he had retrieved his spear, reloaded his speargun, and taken sweet revenge on that grouper! He could have had the last laugh back at home that night while enjoying some grilled grouper filets dipped in melted garlic butter.

I watched this video a couple of times before it dawned on me that someone must be down there with the diver filming the whole thing. As you can see, the second scuba diver doesn’t offer an ounce of help. “Hey bud, thanks for your help down there while I was trying to pull my arm out of that grouper’s mouth, but I’m glad you were able to get it all on film so we can show everyone. Thanks again.” Check it out below. If you like it, ‘share’ it.