Pastor Really Loves His Football

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pastor really likes his football

Should I go to church this Sunday, or should I just stay home and watch football? One of life’s eternal questions. Fortunately for the congregants of this church in Butte, Montana, they have a pastor who can help them with life’s tough decisions. The church is Gold Hill Lutheran Church, and the pastor is Tim Christensen. It turns out that Pastor Tim is a big football fan. Last Sunday, Pastor Tim’s 11AM church service started at the exact same time as the 49ers-Panthers divisional playoff game (related: checkout some awesome highlights from the NFL divisional round). So what’s a football fan pastor to do but pull out the old one-minute abbreviated church service?

Pastor Tim’s one-minute sermon is pretty funny. He hurriedly tells the congregation that they’re forgiven for their sins, and then he invites them to come on up to the altar and help themselves to some bread and wine. He also reveals that he’s wearing 49ers gear under his robes. I would have loved Pastor Tim when I was a kid. One minute surely beats an hour or more of trying to pay attention when all you really want to do is enjoy your Sunday. As a kid I would have tried to find sneaky ways to make sure that my family could only make it to Pastor Tim’s football season services. Like if Pastor Tim’s is at 11AM, and there are earlier services at 7AM and 9AM, I could have helped my parents’ car keys disappear for a few hours and reappear in time for the 11AM service. Kids are sneaky like that. You have to keep your eyes on them. Apparently Pastor Tim was just kidding, and he did end up doing a normal service after his head fake football sermon. What a downer. The trick here is to slip out after the joke but before it’s revealed that there will actually be a real service. That way, you can be forgiven for your misdeeds and still catch the football game by the end of the first quarter. Check it out below. Enjoy and ‘Share’.

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