NFL Football Players Collide: Troy Polamalu vs. Stephen Hill

by • October 15, 2013 • Health & Sports, VideosComments (4)

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NFL football players polamalu vs hill

Anyone who’s been watching football for the last few years knows that both the NFL and NCAA are trying to make changes to the game to minimize concussions. These changes have come about as new discoveries have been made as to the consequences and long term effects of head trauma to former NFL football players. One of the most devastating hits in football was the helmet to helmet knockout blow on a receiver as he’s going to catch the ball, but this hit has been banned by both the NCAA and the NFL. Now, NCAA and NFL football players must hit the receiver below the neck and cannot lead with their helmet. There was a lot of complaining from both fans and players about the new rules, saying that the new rules would eliminate the exciting big hits that can cause turnovers and swing the momentum of a game. But although we’re seeing a lot more shoulder-led hits, we’re learning that these can still be big punishing hits.

Take for example this collision between NFL football player Troy Polamalu and Stephen Hill during the closing first half seconds of the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets last Sunday. Polamalu, a safety, is well known as a punishing hitter, and he comes in fast and delivers a crushing hit to wide receiver Hill’s chest. But it was a clean hit, and since Polamalu led with his shoulder and not his helmet, it was well within the new rules. Although Hill was attended to by the medical staff after the hit, he held onto the ball, and it was ruled a catch. Like the video? Share it.