New Arnold Film: Sabotage

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Arnolds New Film Sabotage

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new action film coming out in 2014, Sabotage. In the film, Arnold plays the leader of a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) team that is sent to bust a drug house, with their actual intention being to steal the drug money from the house. Things go bad when an assassin starts taking out Arnold’s team one-by-one.

Outside of superhero films, action stars seem to be staying in the game older than in years past. An example of an action film that nailed it with an older star has to be 2008′s Taken. Although it didn’t receive stellar reviews, it did well at the box office, and the film was loved outside of the film critic community. Liam Neeson was in his late 50s when he played the lead role. Among the stars of the 1980s blockbuster action films, Sylvester Stallone has kept it up well into his late 60s with his Expendables franchise. Bruce Willis is still going strong in his late 50s with Looper, Red, and GI Joe. And very recently, Jean Claude Van Damme showed the world that he’s still got it at age 53 by doing a split between two moving trucks in a commercial for Volvo that went viral. It’s only natural that the ambitious man who epitomizes the action blockbuster film would want to see what he can do in this older action star climate following his stint as the Governor of California.

Sabotage has the same writer as Training Day, which won Denzel Washington an Oscar. It also has the same director as 2012′s End of Watch, which was well-reviewed and is definitely recommended if you enjoy cop films. If they can hit the tone of a Training Day or End of Watch, this film shouldn’t disappoint, especially with Arnold in a more age-appropriate role as the team’s brain and not necessarily its brawn. Take a look at Sabotage in the trailer below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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