Motorbike Running from Police

by • December 16, 2013 • Cars & Rides, Mannish Stuff, VideosComments (0)

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Something tells me that this isn’t the first time that this guy has had to run from the police on his motorbike. I will tell you straight off the bat that I think these guys are idiots. Even so, there’s something admirable in their reckless confidence. To set the context of the video, you’ve got a guy on a motorbike and two friends on four-wheelers riding around like crazy and doing stunts on a highway and the surrounding side roads. The guy on the motorbike does an impressive wheelie of around 45 seconds on the highway, passing other vehicles and even working in a lane change. Again, stupid, but impressive skill. Predictably, they catch the attention of a highway patrol police officer, who pulls out of his observation point and begins pursuit. Do you imagine that these guys pull over for the officer? That’s right, they don’t.

The motorbike rider is either suicidal and past the point of caring about anything, or he’s very confident in his getaway abilities. You’d imagine most people would be having an absolute panic attack if they were running from the police on a motorbike, but for this rider, the police chase is just another opportunity to showboat with a long wheelie. It’s clear that he doesn’t believe the police can catch him. It’s impossible to know how many times he’s been in this situation, but he doesn’t seem particularly stressed, so you’ve got to figure this is old hat for him.

These three are unlikely to win any model citizen awards, and though it may be difficult for the police to catch them when they are on their on their favorite off-road vehicles, they definitely give the police an advantage when they film the entire chase and then post it to the internet. You may have heard that the police are able to do a little investigating and find out where a posted video originated. Not too smart. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.