Man in Wingsuit Flying Like Superman

by • December 19, 2013 • Mannish Stuff, VideosComments (1)

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Does it get any closer to flying like Superman than this? I’d be willing to bet that most guys have daydreamed about flying more than once in their lifetimes. I don’t mean the kind of flying that you buy a ticket for either. I mean the kind of flying that as of now only exists in comic books and Hollywood blockbusters. I had to watch this video a few times for it to really sink in how incredible this is. As we mentioned in a previous post, wingsuits are a hybrid of skydiving and hang gliding and can allow a person to fly horizontally at up to 90 mile per hour, but the person is still falling vertically as well, albeit more slowly than if they were not wearing the wingsuit. The guy in this video is flying horizontally at an incredible rate of speed at what appears to be just a short distance above the ground. There’s really no room for error here. With the speed at which he’s flying and the appearance of a horizontal trajectory, it looks as if Superman is flying through the air in real life. This man is taking a big risk with his life to catch this flying feat on camera. It’s a given that any mistake here would probably be fatal.

It takes a movie studio an entire team of people and millions of dollars to create the impression that a person is flying. That same sort of illusion is captured here with just a cliff, a wingsuit, and nerve. Oh yeah, and practice. Lots and lots of practice. Watch it, enjoy and ‘Share’

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