Making Fun of Technology Commercials

by • January 21, 2014 • Humor, VideosComments (0)

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making fun of technology commercials

There’s no doubt you recognize the trite formula in technology commercials. So let’s make fun of them. It doesn’t seem to matter the particular company or technology product, but it seems that if you are viewing a commercial for computers, smart phones, tablets, cell phone service, wireless data plans, or any other product from a technology company, you’re going to see ridiculously happy young people repeating the same kinds of lines while they go about their busy days performing poorly-defined jobs, all made much easier by whatever the tech company is selling. And there are going to be thick-rimmed glasses and smiling kids. Lots of cute, smiling kids appearing on video screens. It’s all very sentimental.

For all the buzzwords like “innovate” floating around the technology world, the TV commercial formula for tech companies is way too predictable. You kind of wonder where they can go from here though. They could go the weird route, like with the Old Spice mother commercials. They could pack their adverts with beautiful women, like in Hardee’s commercials, but that isn’t very original (though we’d argue it’s very effective!). It doesn’t really matter which way the technology companies decide to go, as long as they don’t subject us to any more of their clichés. The only thing you can take away from these commercials at this point is that you can’t start a bakery without the trendiest new tech device. College Humor noticed the tech commercial cliché formula, so they created this funny parody commercial to make fun of it. Check it out below. Enjoy and ‘Share’.

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