One of The Best Girl Surfers Ever

by • December 25, 2013 • Girls, Health & Sports, VideosComments (1)

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The Ladies Love Surfing

An afternoon surfing with these ladies just might make your year. Think about it – a luxurious beach house with an infinity pool overlooking beautiful blue ocean waters, and more importantly, three awesome surfer girls to show you the tricks of the surfing trade and keep you company. Someone should truly start a business like this. You can rent out the beach house for as long as you like, and the girls stay at the house as well to entertain the guests and teach them the ins and outs of surfing (when they aren’t going through their grueling surfing workout, that is). It would be an expensive vacation, but for those who have the funds, it would be money well spent. A beach house like that and three full-time, gorgeous tour guides don’t come cheap.

Videos like this make me wish I had grown up near the ocean and learned how to surf. How much better could one’s teenage years get than hanging out in the water all day with a bunch of sun-kissed, surfing chicks? And even if you’re no good at surfing yourself, you still sit back and watch their little dancing surfer warmups before they head out into the water. The only downside is that you run the risk of becoming the guy who does nothing but hang out at the beach all day. That can be cute at 18, but it’s a hard look to pull off at 65. It’s probably healthier than sitting at a desk though. Take a look at the three surfer chicks in the video below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.