Kingfish Caught By Cute Girl

by • October 31, 2013 • Girls, Outdoors, VideosComments (6)

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Girl reels in big kingfish

Here’s a nice video of a cute girl fighting and reeling in a pretty big kingfish. Kingfish – king mackerel – usually run up to around 30 pounds, but they can grow to about triple that size. Big kingfish fight incredibly hard and can be quite difficult and exciting to land, which makes them a great sport fish. In fact, a huge tournament industry has grown around fishing for kingfish, and there are now about as many professional kingfish anglers as bass fishermen, believe it or not. Most fishermen targeting kingfish will troll very slowly dangling live bait in areas where baitfish have been spotted, which I’m assuming is how the girl in this video hooked this roughly 40 pound kingfish. As you’ll see, she certainly seems to have gotten the hang of reeling in these fighters.

Watch her reel in this big kingfish, along with a couple of other catches, in the video below. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.