Huge Hockey Hit Leads to Brawl

by • December 19, 2013 • Health & Sports, Mannish Stuff, VideosComments (2)

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This hockey player got hit so hard that he’s likely to forget his Christmas and New Year’s. Sure, the hit took place over a week before Christmas, but that bell ringing is going to linger. The hit took place during an NHL hockey game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Washington Capitals on December 17. The Capitals’ Tom Wilson, a 6’4″, 205-pound, 19-year old comes soaring down the ice and lays the Flyers’ Brayden Schenn into the boards. Schenn tries to get up and shake it off, but then he does down onto the ice to recover. Both hockey teams erupt into a brawl on the ice. Unlike with football, you don’t hear as much discussion right now about taking the physicality out of hockey. The NHL is apparently trying to cut down on these kinds of blindside hits, but at the same time, they probably realize that action like this draws fans to the NHL’s hockey rinks and fills the league’s coffers with cash. The NHL Ice Girls don’t hurt the fan experience either.

As you might imagine, the Flyers didn’t take too kindly to this big hit in the back on one of their players. Players from both teams throw each other to the ground in a big slippery pile, a relatively common sight for hockey. I’ve always wondered what it must be like for hockey players if they get traded to another team and have to team up with players they’ve previously fought. Are they suddenly pals? Check out the video of the hit and brawl above. Be sure to watch the slow motion replays at the end. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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