Huge Hockey Brawl: Canucks vs. Flames

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Huge Hockey Brawl - Canucks vs Flames

What better way to start a hockey game than with a huge brawl that involves every single player on the ice? That’s exactly what happened at the start of the hockey game on January 18 between the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames. They couldn’t even get the game started with the opening faceoff before relations between the two teams broke down into a five-on-five fight involving every hockey player on the ice. This scene was truly more fitting for professional wrestling than hockey. You’d half expect one of the players to come trotting out onto the ice holding a folding chair over his head, ready to deliver knockout blows to his opponents’ skulls. Do you suppose there’s some bad blood between these two hockey teams? It certainly looks like it.

It appears that this sort of thing was expected. Calgary’s coach, Bob Hartley, decided to send in his fourth line players to start the game. Vancouver’s coach, John Tortorella, then decided to send out his as well. The fourth line in hockey is known as the bruising, physical, enforcer players. The result? 170 minutes of total penalty time and two penalty boxes filled to brim with players. Eight players were ejected from the game. We’re used to seeing brawls in hockey, but they usually only involve a couple of players (like this hockey brawl started by a brutal hit). The best part about the Canucks-Flames brawl is that it wasn’t limited to just the hockey players. After the period ended, John Tortorella tried to fight Calgary’s coach in the hallway leading to the locker rooms. It seems almost like an afterthought, but the Canucks won this mess of a game 3-2. Checkout the brawl below. Enjoy and ‘Share’.

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