Huge Bass Caught Topwater Fishing

by • December 3, 2013 • Outdoors, VideosComments (5)

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huge bass caught topwater fishing

I like this video because this is one of my favorite kinds of fishing – using a topwater bait for largemouth bass either early in the morning or just as the sun is going down. Like a lot of folks, this is my favorite time of day for fishing, especially if it’s quiet out on the lake. There’s nothing but the still of the air, perhaps the chirping of some birds, light ripples in the water as your topwater lure settles on the surface of the lake, and then out of nowhere, bang! A huge bass strikes your lure, nearly leaping out of the water in the process and disturbing the still of the morning. And then if you’ve got a big one, you get to fight it and hope your line doesn’t break trying to reel the bass in.

That’s the exact scenario in this fishing video. A man is fishing with a topwater frog. These fake frogs are usually tossed out near lily pads, weeds, and other topwater cover. When you’re fishing them, you’re supposed to pop the frog along very slowly and patiently to mimic the action that an actual frog would make. It seems that the fisherman in this video wasn’t satisfied with his cast, because he lets the frog he’s fishing sit on the surface for a few seconds and then starts reeling it in very quickly. He’s reeling the frog in much faster than you would if you were actually trying to catch something. It didn’t matter here though, because as he gets the frog near the boat, a huge largemouth bass strikes the lure on the surface of the water, catching the fisherman by surprise. This is a great homemade fishing video. Watch it below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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