How to Eat Chicken Wings

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How to eat chicken wings like a lady

After watching this video, the next time you see a lady getting chicken wing sauce all over her face, you’ll be able to politely show her a cleaner way to eat them. It can definitely take a lady’s attractiveness down a couple of notches if she has bad table manners. With few exceptions, like when trying to set the world steak eating record, men like it when women don’t eat like slobs, even when eating something messy like chicken wings. I’m assuming that women don’t like it when men eat like slobs either (is this true ladies?). The thing about chicken wings though is that they’re one of the messiest foods out there. If you try to eat around the bone, you’re bound to end up with wing sauce all over your face and fingers. Luckily, there’s a cleaner way to eat chicken wings.

As this video teaches, the clean way to eat chicken wings, which means not like a pig, is a four step process. The correct procedure is to remove the connecting cartilage, twist the small bone and remove it, then twist the big bone and remove that, and then enjoy the de-boned chicken wing without getting the sauce all over your face. Women will like this method because it keeps their face nice and clean. I suppose men can use this chicken wing procedure as well. Neither gender wants to be out at a business meeting or on a date and get wing sauce all over their nice clothes. Checkout the complete procedure in the video below. Enjoy and ‘Share’

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  • SpankyPE

    Nice technique…but never ever leave meat on the bone!