Hockey Ice Girl is Doing a Great Job

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hockey ice girl does a great job

In the National Hockey League, the Ice Girls are kind of like the equivalent of cheerleaders during football and basketball games. They come out onto the ice for 90 seconds three times per period to sweep and clear the ice. Just like cheerleaders, the Ice Girls are all very fit, athletic, and attractive. They sweep the ice in synchronization with one another, kind of like a cross between a dance squad and a zamboni. Being an excellent skater is a prerequisite. They’ll typically skate out onto the ice during breaks in the hockey action, and for obvious reasons, they’re fan favorites. The Ice Girls also do the other types of things you’d expect from a cheerleading or dance squad (Examples? See the Houston Texans Cheerleaders). They make appearances on behalf of the hockey team at events, make themselves visible helping out in the community, and entertain fans before and after games.

Most of the teams in the NHL, including the Chicago Blackhawks, now have an Ice Girls squad. During a recent Blackhawks hockey game, one of the Ice Girls came out to sweep the ice surrounding the goal. If you’ve watched any hockey over the last few years, you know that the goals have cameras inside of them to capture closeup shots of the scores and the goalie play. During this particular stoppage of play, the goal camera caught a little bit more than hockey action. It’s unlikely that this was intentional, but it’s also unlikely that the Blackhawks’ management will be disappointed in this Ice Girl’s commendable performance. Enjoy and ‘Share’

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