Guy Gets Surprised by Shark During Kayak Trip

by • October 13, 2013 • Outdoors, VideosComments (4)

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Kayak fishing shark attack

This guy’s reaction to being surprised by a shark is great. His name is Isaac, and in his face, you can see his heart rate spike immediately and then slowly return to normal as he realizes he’s okay. You can tell that he takes things with a positive attitude, and you can bet that Isaac’s dinner tasted a little better that night than it normally would.

He’s out taking a sea kayak trip in Hawaii and fishing from the kayak. He’s got two rods set up with lines in the water, and his camera is rolling to capture the day’s adventures. He hooks a fish and begins reeling it in, and as he gets it to the surface, a shark comes out of nowhere, jumps out of the water next to his kayak, and tries to take the fish off of his line. It happens so quickly that you only get a glance at the shark, so it’s difficult to tell what kind of shark it is, but based on the slow motion shot at the end, it looks like a bull shark.

The fish he’s reeling in is by no means tiny itself, and I don’t know what he’s using as bait, but its almost as if the fish he’s reeling in could be used as a lure for the shark. He loses the fish, unfortunately, but you know he needed to take a little breather after meeting that shark anyway.

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