The Governator Endorses Beer

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The Governator Endorses Beer

Does having once been the chief executive of one of the world’s largest economies exclude you from appearing in commercials for light beer? Apparently not. If you watched any of the NFL’s NFC or AFC championship games last weekend, you may have noticed Arnold Schwarzenegger making a strange appearance in commercials for Bud Light beer. The commercials are more like teasers; they elude to something that’s going to happen on February 2, the day of the Super Bowl. The teaser commercials have Arnold dressed up in old school tennis garb and trying to play ping pong. We can only guess that Bud Light will release a commercial during the Super Bowl that puts Arnold in a ping pong battle against some other famous foe. But who is more famous than Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Are you surprised to see the former Governor of California now appearing in commercials for Bud Light beer? It’s difficult to think of any other current or former politicians who would be so bold. But Arnold is nothing if not unpredictable. Perhaps his link to beer isn’t such a stretch. Legend has it that back in his early bodybuilding career, Arnold would eat an entire chicken and drink a pint of beer after his workouts. And that wasn’t light beer either. Arnold has a new movie coming out in April, Sabotage, so expect to see more of him this year. What do you think his upcoming Super Bowl commercial has in store for us? Watch his two Bud Light beer commercials in the video below. Enjoy and ‘Share’.

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