Girls Catching Northern Pike During Ice Fishing Trip

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girls ice fishing

These girls are silly. They call themselves the Bikini Ice Fishing Team, which is pretty self explanatory – girls in boots, gloves, ear muffs and yes, bikinis, spending their days on frozen bodies of water for a little fishing trip. I’ll have to look further into this fishing team, but I think we already have the basis for a Will Ferrell comedy. Vince Vaughn can play the fishing coach who leads the girls to a close victory over the defending champions, who aren’t very nice. At first glance, the girls seem kind of ditsy, but deep down inside, they have hearts of gold and just want to be taken seriously as true fisherman. Will Ferrell can play the weirdo groundskeeper at the site of the fishing tournament. He’ll end up in his whitey tighties at some point.

Here are the girls on a fishing trip pulling in a northern pike caught with the help of a tip-up, which for those of you who only fish in warmer climes is a a tool used to dangle your baited hook into the water when ice fishing. You can set them up and leave them, which allows you to spread out and fish several sections of the ice at once.

As you’ll see, the girls really are rather underdressed for ice fishing. As the camera zooms out to capture the reaction of nearby fishermen to the girls’ whoooing, cheering, and cries of “we got him,” you’ll notice that everyone else is bundled up in layer upon layer of clothing. Be sure to be on the lookout for the team during your next ice fishing trip. Check them out below. If you like the team, ‘share’ the video.