Girl Does ACDC Cover on Acoustic Guitar

by • October 14, 2013 • Girls, VideosComments (32)

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ACDC Acoustic Guitar

Ever wonder what it would be like to watch a model strum the acoustic guitar and belt out a cover of a classic hard rock song? I’m not sure that Jess Greenberg is a model, but she certainly looks like one. And she spends her time making videos in which she looks gorgeous and sings and plays popular songs on the guitar. I think I like this Jess Greenberg. Others like her too. Her videos get lots of thumbs up. I wonder why.

In all seriousness, she really does have a wonderful voice. I do appreciate that she is attractive, but my impression of her is that she really, really loves music, which is even better. I think the attractive girl thing is just a disguise in order to up her chances of being discovered. She has a few other videos on YouTube in which she’s doesn’t present herself as so overtly attractive, and they don’t get nearly as many views, although the music is quite pleasing. Interesting social experiment I suppose. Anyway, I wish Jess the best and hope we see more of her and her guitar playing in the future.

As an aside, I think this is the first time I’ve actually understood the lyrics to the song while listening to it. Check it out below. If you like it, ‘share’ it.

  • Bobby Key

    Sounds Good to me !!!

  • Keith Hurysz

    I like her mole,,,,,,a little jiggle to the music

  • Joseph Geisler

    Nice boobs!

  • Rodger Clemens

    why aren’t you on american idol

    • ScottMetter

      Because she doesn’t suck.

  • Algarmit

    love it!!

  • Tito Suarez


  • Lonnie Rush

    She has too much talent for American Idol. She’s totally hot also.

  • Bill Feigenbaum

    This is not only Damn good but I dont see any Tattoo’s or f’d up metal stickin’ out of her visible areas. Refreshing.

    • D Brown

      Yea, finally a young lady that hasn’t fked up her body !

    • Dew Dewey

      damn right !!!

  • Roy Dodd

    wow she is actually good and talented too

  • hypheru2

    I thought it was gonna be an advertisement, surprising, and really good, she has that country tinge going on with some straight up rock …

  • Mark Adcock

    WOW!!! Great Looks, Great Voice AND Great Guitar Playing !!! What Else Can She Do…

  • allan c in sin city

    Wow Jess, that was great! A beautiful lady with a beautiful voice! Would love to hear more?

  • william

    TOOO bad she sings like a NIGGAR<<(Lat for black)

  • John West

    This girl can really play that guitar, and, yes, she is very pretty.

  • Samuel Peters

    Wow..!! Great job, and agree with @Bill F. below!!!

  • Morgan Wright

    She’s great. Too bad most of these talented young people screw it up my getting on E and Mollies and smoking jahoochie, drinking too much. Just say no to drugs Jess.

  • James Bemel

    beautiful and loves ACDC. :) Love those kind of girls

  • Mike Hundt

    She could play in my coffee house anyday!

  • John H Chappell

    The whole package! Much better to look at than Angus Young!

  • Michael L. Hutchins


  • Mbrown

    great voice, she gave the song new life with her version!

  • Dew Dewey

    ” American Idol ” this week ! then ” Next Top Model ” !!!

  • John Matthew Farrow

    that was grant and ac /dc is my all time awesome band and girl is sexy and hot to see ya!!

  • Norman Duncan

    damm good,good music, good voice,got it going on,wholesome looking young lady,keep praticing,music and voice.stay away from dope.good luck.

  • Ron Starr

    Good looks and talent, a rear combination these day’s

  • Barry DiGiammarino

    she has about ten songs on you tube, Jess Greenburg, we see her boobs, check out her eyes, amazing,needs to do the Voice

  • Buddy Walley

    great she got under control acdc one of the best rock groups ever

  • Keith Bangs

    Fantastic voice, very acclompished guitarist, great looking girl….and i agree no tats, and no piercings…great future.:)

  • Samuel W Francis

    Agreed about the no tats or metal stickin out . This girl has talent and looks. I see her as a country artist more than a rocker in my professional opinion as a working producer/engineer. Maybe I will tell Brian Johnson to see this the next time I see him. I think he’d like it.