Get a Workout Like a Pro Surfer

by • December 3, 2013 • Health & Sports, VideosComments (2)

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workout like a pro surfer

Surfers are known for their incredibly lean, tone physiques, and if you’ve ever wondered what kind out workout it takes to get the body of a pro surfer, here’s your chance to find out. This is a video that shows pro surfer Anastasia Ashley’s entire workout. Anastasia is known both inside and outside the world of surfing for her exceptional glutes, so look for those to be a focus in this workout. It makes sense that a pro surfer would work with a personal trainer to stay in shape and learn how to workout in a way that is helpful for her sport, but I honestly didn’t realize that pro surfers did this sort of thing to maintain a competitive advantage. Is that naive of me? Probably. But I figured Anastasia just practices surfing all the time, and that counts as her workout. People are looking for that competitive edge wherever they can get it these days. Even CEOs are squeezing in their daily workout in order to keep an energy advantage on their competition, so that they can work longer hours with greater focus. There’s been an interesting shift in the way people look at fitness and performance over the last few decades. I remember hearing stories of Green Bay Packers players in the 50s and 60s drinking booze to keep warm during the halftimes of their icy games. Maybe those stories are just myths, but there was a time when even professional athletes had to keep a regular job when they weren’t playing and didn’t see the need for a workout of any kind. Those days are long over, and as you’ll see from Anastasia, there are many pro athletes who look just as much like models as they do athletes (I think Anastasia actually does both). Check out her workout below. What do you think – could you keep up? If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

Also see Anastasia Ashley’s dancing warmup. Quite the entertaining way to get ready to go surfing.