Football Coach Nick Saban Does the Electric Slide

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Football Coach Nick Saban Doing the Electric Slide

Nick Saban may be the greatest college football coach of all-time, but the real question is, can he dance? It’s got to be hard being a famous football coach, or a famous person in general, really. It’s not unusual for someone to be uncomfortable dancing, but for the most part, you can take comfort in the idea that once the dancing is over, it’s over. There are no lasting consequences, so you might as well just have fun, whether you’re much of a dancer or not. But with cell phone video cameras and the internet, it’s possible that your bad dancing doesn’t just stay at the wedding reception or birthday party; it might live on forever online. A scary thought for those who shudder at the thought of public dancing.

This video of Alabama’s head football coach dancing the electric slide was apparently filmed during a small event that Saban hosted at his home for Alabama football recruits and their parents. One of the recruits sneakily used his camera phone to capture Saban dancing. That seems like a good way to earn yourself extra wind sprints after practice once the football season gets going. Saban doesn’t seem like he’s having a great time, but hats off to him for giving dancing a shot. He has the reputation of being a no-nonsense sort of guy, but it’s good to see that he has a fun side to him outside of football. Maybe. It’s very possible that this dancing is a football tactic he’s using to endear himself to the recruits’ mothers in order to win the recruits’ commitments. Either way, you’ve got to enjoy the crimson blazer. Watch him below. Enjoy and ‘Share’.

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