Flaming Tire Burnout

by • December 21, 2013 • Cars & Rides, Mannish Stuff, VideosComments (0)

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Do you get the impression that this guy cares much for his bike’s tire? Yeah, me neither. I’ve seen flaming tire burnouts similar to this one before, but never on such a small bike. With the smoke and grainy video, it’s hard to tell just what kind of bike this is, but I think he’s doing this burnout on some sort of small sport bike or maybe even a scooter. The back tire is a lot bigger than what you’d see on a scooter, so it must be a sport bike. Either way, the ring of fire spinning on his rear axle can’t bode well for the bike’s future. I do like the way the red hot tire looks through the smoke though. This would be a good stunt to do on the Fourth of July during fireworks time.

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A tire must be heated to 752 degrees Fahrenheit before igniting. Given that, I wonder if it’s the tire we’re seeing burn or the actual metal of the wheel being heated until it glows. It looks like there are actual flames coming off of the spinning disk, so it may be the tire, but I can’t claim to be an expert in this area. Check it out for yourself. Enjoy and ‘Share’

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