Fitness Video Blooper

by • October 19, 2013 • Girls, Humor, VideosComments (3)

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fitness video blooper

This girl obviously knows a little bit about fitness and ab workouts, but I don’t get the impression that she knows much about the ocean. She’s trying to film her fitness video on the beach, very close to the waves washing ashore. She lies down and starts her leg lifts and flutter kicks routine, and then a big wave comes in and covers her in muddy, salty ocean water. If this happened to you, what would you do next? Would you wipe the salt water out of your eyes and then lie back down in the exact same spot and try again a couple more times? No? Oh, you would dry yourself off and then change locations? Well too bad you weren’t at this fitness video shoot to offer some friendly advice.

I wonder how the final fitness video turned out. It’s hard to tell, but it seems like once the waves started coming in, the fitness model thought to herself, “I kinda like playing in the waves more than doing crunches. I think I’ll just roll around in the water for a while.” Watch her fitness video blooper below. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.

  • Bill Feigenbaum

    That woman is sweet! She should have allowed the wave’s to take her top.

  • Mark Udoni

    just curious if anyone knows where this was filmed, or what nationality she is. So far according to the boys in the office, top 2 are Brazil/Brazillian and The Philippines/Filipina.

  • Armando

    Too bad it was staged . It takes away the humor