Fitness Girls of Argentina

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Fitness Girls of Argentina

Do you have the fitness to keep up with these girls? This is a highlight video of a fitness challenge event in Argentina called SouthFit. Based on its name and the workouts they’re doing, SouthFit looks to be related to CrossFit, an exercise company with a unique fitness philosophy focused on the constant variation of workouts to improve strength, endurance, flexibility and athletic performance. The driving idea behind CrossFit is to achieve a level of functional fitness in which an individual is capable across a spectrum of physical activities but doesn’t specialize in any one area. Many of the CrossFit workouts consist of maximum effort in a minimal amount of time, and some of the workouts can be completed in as little as ten minutes. CrossFit has become very popular in the last ten years and has over 7,000 affiliated gyms worldwide. CrossFit is so popular now that if you aren’t involved in it directly, you probably know several people who are.

As you’ll see based on the women in this video, the CrossFit fitness philosophy has made its way to Argentina. It’s interesting to see the effect that this workout style has on the female body. Some of these women are seriously built. Perhaps they need to get the new Wonder Woman on this fitness regimen. The event chronicled in the video puts the women through the paces, pushing them past the point of exhaustion with weight lifting, swimming, pullups, kettle bells, power lifting, and rope climbing. Check it out below. If you like it, “Share’ it.

Is this what it’s like as woman at the gym?