Fishing Under the Ice

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This is an interesting video shot underneath the ice of Lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland. This lake covers an impact crater that was formed by a meteorite strike hundreds of millions of years ago. The video catches some amazing views of a couple of divers playing around at the bottom of the lake. In a lot of ways, the video is very disorienting, because you know they’re underwater, and yet it looks as if they’re in a cave, or standing above the frozen ice, or even on the moon or in outer space. It’s weird because the water surrounding the divers doesn’t appear to be acting in the ways you would expect it to. You’ll see what I mean during the shots of them digging and pouring the bucket into the wheelbarrow. The video creates the impression that there’s another layer of ice at the bottom. I don’t know if there is another ice layer or if it just appears that way because of the lighting. Either way, it creates the opportunity for some memorable camera shots. They pull each other along the bottom as if they were playing in the snow, and they even imitate what it would be like to be ice fishing, all at the bottom of the frozen lake. Drilling further down and attempting ice fishing appears to be useless though. It’s hard to imagine any fish that may be living underneath whatever it is that they’re standing on down there at the bottom of the lake.

So they didn’t catch anything during this under-the-ice fishing expedition, but that’s not completely unexpected. Their venture wasn’t entirely fruitless though. One diver did catch another fishing rod and reel during his fishing attempt, and they even ended up finding a wheelbarrow, rubber duck, and balloon. All treasures were recovered from the frigid lake bottom. Check out this interesting video. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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  • Steve520

    Very cool video, but you are very confused in your description of what is going on. Go back and watch the video again. Look at the air bubbles. This film was done with the camera held upside down. They are not at the bottom of a lake, they are standing upside down on the underneath of the ice at the suface of the lake.

    • Big Mike

      Good call Steve. I knew the bubbles and the “ground” in the video looked weird, but I couldn’t put my finger on just how the effect was created. Thanks for shedding some light on that one.

  • Gighatch

    Wow! nice video! …