Experience Ric Flair’s Motivational Speech to the 49ers Before their Playoff Game

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Experience Ric Flair's Motivational Speech to the 49ers Before their Wildcard Game

It turns out that professional wrestling legend Ric Flair is a big fan of the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers, in turn, are big fans of Ric Flair. The team has apparently been using some of his speeches from his wrestling heyday as motivation. If you haven’t seen any of Flair’s promo speeches, check them out if you get the chance. Talk about intensity! You’ll see why football players heading into the NFL playoffs would want to capture a little of his attitude. The 49ers played the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Sunday evening in what ended up being one of the coldest NFL games ever played. Someone from the 49ers contacted Flair to see if he would stop by to speak to the team before the game, so he paid them a visit on Saturday night.

Flair’s speech to the 49ers was short and to the point. Though he didn’t go crazy like back in the old days, he did bring a little of that Nature Boy charisma to the 49ers players, and he spoke from his heart. He even broke out a little dance for the players at the end. Although they had to suffer through a football game with a wind chill below -10 degrees Fahrenheit, it had to have brought a smile to their faces in the fourth quarter to know that the Nature Boy had their back. After all, if Flair can survive excessive decade after excessive decade of constant traveling and partying, having his body repeatedly slammed to the ground on a nightly basis, surely the 49ers can hang in there in the cold long enough to get the game winning field goal. Now that they’ve won, the 49ers will play the Carolina Panthers next weekend in Flair’s home state of North Carolina in the next round of the playoffs. So if the 49ers win the Super Bowl, does Ric Flair get a Super Bowl ring? Check out his speech below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.