Exiting the Freeway with Your Car In Style

by • October 15, 2013 • Cars & Rides, VideosComments (3)

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smoky car highway exit

How do you exit the freeway in your car in the most extravagant way possible? I’m not sure this is how, but maybe we can give this guy honorable mention. Here we have a guy who exits the freeway by making his car go into a fishtail and take the entire half oval-shaped exit ramp in one long, sliding burnout. Towards the end, he comes close to sliding right into a car that’s coming in the opposite direction. This really is a pretty dangerous move for a public road, so I was surprised that he used his turn signal to indicate that he was entering the exit ramp. Was he really concerned about other drivers or the possibility of getting a ticket for a turn signal violation?

There are also a few oddities in this video I’d like someone to help me out with. First is the sound of metal parts and glass breaking and clanging together. Are these really coming from his car? Perhaps it’s not that surprising given the move he’s performing, but if those sounds are really being produced from the inner workings of his car, he may need to think twice before attempting this stunt again. The other thing is the loop dangling underneath the bumper on the rear right side. It looks a little bit like handcuffs, which would open up an entirely different set of inquiries for the car in question, but maybe someone can let me know what this thing is for? The video is below. If you like it, ‘share’ it.

  • Tom Holt

    I agree,honorable

  • bigknoc

    haaaaaaaaaaaa i like it

  • Chris Clark

    Ha! Badass…
    I suspect the sounds you heard were the car keys in the ignition of the camera car slapping into the steering column as he struggled to keep pace. The thing on the rear bumper is probably a custom towhook (for the inevitable day that that move goes terribly wrong).
    But yes. Most certainly an honorable mention!!