Dumbest Criminal of 2013

by • December 11, 2013 • Humor, VideosComments (0)

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Is the occupation of “criminal” really one that someone chooses when they have better options? Of course there are exceptions, but for every big-time organized crime boss who could have made a decent living on the up-and-up, there are tens of thousands of criminal individuals who got that way by default. They just don’t have any marketable skills or talents. Heck, the guys in this video aren’t even good at being a criminal. The best most of them can come up with is grabbing a potential valuable and running off with it.

The idea behind this video is that these are the five dumbest criminals of 2013. That may be true, but I bet there are many more who are as dumb or dumber. These are just the five dumbest criminals to be caught on video. We probably also need an honorary category for dumbest store clerk. I’ve got nothing but respect for the store clerk who pulls a machete out of a scabbard and scares off an armed criminal. But chasing that criminal, who by the way is in possession of a handgun, out into the parking lot and down the road is absolute lunacy. I can only imagine that this store clerk was foaming at the mouth and howling like a wolf as he chased the criminal and waved his machete all about.

This is one of those videos that you watch and then don’t know whether you should feel glad that you’re not as dumb as the featured criminal or sad for the future of humanity. Maybe it’s possible to feel both ways at the same time. After you watch it, let us know which criminal you found to be the dumbest. If you like the video, ‘Share’ it.

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