Drag Race: Barracudas and Mopars

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Here’s a video featuring a little drag race action between some classic Barracudas and Mopars. It also features a boy who just might grow up to be the world’s biggest fan of the drag race and motor racing in general, and who knows, maybe in 50 years he’ll be the most knowledgeable expert around. I’m intrigued by kids who display unusually strong interests at a young age. Many parents take those strong interests as signs of eccentricity. Not wanting their kid to be judged as unusual in the eyes of their neighbors, they do everything they can to force the kid to focus on more normal stuff. It’s a shame though. Think about the hobbies you’ve found a love for later in life, and then imagine what you could have done with those hobbies if you had discovered that love as a child. With all that passion and free time devoted to an endeavor as a child, a lot of people could have done something really special. Lots of kids spend their free time on sports. I have no issue with sports and consider them worthwhile, but I also think that a kid’s time could be better spent on activities they can continue into adulthood. Only a tiny percentage of young athletes will go on to become professionals, and most kids are out of competitive sports by age 20, no matter how hard they practice. The kid interviewed in this video in between drag races certainly shows a passion for this sport, but this is an area that with the right encouragement and mentors, he could get involved and stay involved until later in life. Imagine the lifetime body of drag race knowledge he could accumulate starting so early.

In addition to a kid who loves drag race cars, this video also features some high quality clips of classic muscle cars and other dragsters. Everyone loves a good smoky burnout, so be sure to give the video a watch. Enjoy and ‘Share’

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