Doritos Has an Excellent Super Bowl Commercial

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doritos has an excellent super bowl commercial 2

Every year, Doritos hosts what it calls the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. It’s an open contest in which fans create and submit their own Doritos commercials. There is an online voting system that eliminates commercials through a round of semifinals and finals, with the winning commercial appearing for Doritos during the Super Bowl. Not only that, but Doritos pays the winner $1 million. Two winners (I assume first and second place) will get to work on the set of the sequel to The Avengers, which made $1.5 billion. It’s a chance for an aspiring filmmaker to get a taste of the industry. More attractive is the $1 million prize. An enterprising young filmmaker could make several indie flicks with that kind of cash.

The video below is one of the Doritos commercials from this year that didn’t make the cut, but we thought it was pretty good anyway. For one, it has a hot girl, which is always a huge plus. The trampoline is perhaps reminiscent of Jimmy Kimmel’s The Man Show. Come to think of it, the commercial’s whole concept seems to be identical to a skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in which they made a movie about everything. Maybe the makers of this Doritos commercial are huge Jimmy Kimmel fans? Check it out below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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