Did You Know Snowmobiles Can Do This?

by • January 21, 2014 • Cars & Rides, Mannish Stuff, VideosComments (1)

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Did You Know Snowmobiles Can Do This

Did you know you that it’s possible to cross an open body of water on a snowmobile? I’m not talking about frozen water either. This is called snowmobile skipping or snowmobile watercross. It works a lot like skipping a stone across a pond. Snowmobiles don’t float. They sink. But the trick to skipping them across water is to keep them moving. If the rider lets off the throttle, even for a second, the snowmobile will sink. It’s not lost for good if that happens though. You can get a pontoon boat with a winch to recover a sunken snowmobile. All you have to do to get it running again is to turn it on its side, drain the exhaust, remove the spark plugs, clean the carburetor, and replace the fuel. Then you can try again.

Snowmobile skipping started in the 1970s, and it grew to the point that there is a World Championship race that has been run for over 35 years now. Snowmobile skipping started out with riders just moving in a straight line, but riders now turn and steer, doing figure eights all over the lake. The video below is of a daredevil flying off a snowy ramp and churning up water as he skips across a river on a snowmobile. As you’ll see, it’s cold out there, but the water isn’t close to frozen. We’ve previously looked at a sport bike on frozen roads, so we might as well now take a look at a snowmobile on a body of running water. Check it out below. If you like it, ‘Share’ it.

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