Darth Vader in Love

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What would it look like if Darth Vader was the central character of a romantic comedy in which he finds out he has a daughter and falls in love? That premise seems ridiculous, but given that Disney bought LucasFilm and the Star Wars franchise last year, maybe such a lighthearted Darth Vader love story is not far off. Maybe we’ll see a young girl grow up to have her dreams come true, falling in love with Darth Vader and becoming the Dark Princess of the Galactic Empire. Okay, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see such a plot line when Disney releases Star Wars episodes seven through nine a few years from now, but for the time being, we can laugh at the idea of Lord Vader falling in love with this comedic trailer for a fake movie called Darth Vader in Love, created by Bad Weather Films. Fortunately, it doesn’t look as if Jar Jar Binks will be making an appearance.

The idea of Darth Vader falling in love is silly in the context of this fake movie, but wasn’t the fact that he fell in love part of the reason why he became Darth Vader in the first place? It’s been a few years since I saw the Star Wars prequels, but I’m pretty sure he fell in love with Natalie Portman’s character, and his drive to save her from dying opened him up to the Dark Side’s influence. That’s why the Jedi aren’t supposed to fall in love, get married, and all that. Since he’s already firmly on the dark side, I suppose there’s no harm in letting him fall in love again. Check it out above. Enjoy and ‘Share’

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